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The Asteroid fix

2015-05-20 08:56:42 by 8rlx0apps

The lag in The Asteroid game should be fixed now. Try it out. :)


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2015-05-22 10:15:56

Hey, you are right, I didn't notice any lag any more. Good job!

Sadly, you turned the severity extremly up, a friend of mine told me about your game and that it's "rather relaxing". Since I can't even get near the 5.000 points mark without being hunted down by the many fast-paced spaceships, I found the game to be tough and a bit luck-based.

Nonetheless: Kudos for your game! You had a really smart, creative idea for a twist on a classic arcade game, definitelly one of my favorite stenclyjam-submissions! :)

8rlx0apps responds:

Thank you. :)

I re-made the spawning system for the ships/asteroids in order to reduce lag and make starting speeds a bit more random. Even with the lag people were getting up to 25k score way to easily, so I speed up the ships a bit.

It's funny, when I was testing it, I was also only able to get 5k-6k score. xD


2015-05-22 12:17:43

After I wrote my comment I continued playing and was at least able to score around 7.500 points. That's ok for me, as I said, I like your game. But be careful: Some players want all of that medals (sepcially the high-ranked ones) and when they don't see a fair chance to get them, maybe they will rage-quit or downvote it.
I sure hope that's not gonna happen!

BTW, next time why don't you add different game modes ("Survival", "Race against Time") or difficulties (easy, normal, hard)? Just a thought.
Hope you continue to make games!


2015-05-24 15:18:16

I think what's happening is similar to what happened in the original Space Invaders. If you were to play that game on a computer these days, it would be MUCH harder. Perhaps you could make it so that the game goes at a slower rate for all computers without causing lag to do so. Then the speed could be made to increase a bit faster so that it doesn't lose its difficulty. Perhaps you could use this same principle to make multiple difficulty settings, too. I believe that this would make the game fair to everyone, and prevent some people from getting an unfair advantage over others.